A sincere and global environmental approach born out of our motivation to offer products and services good for people and good for the planet. Our actions are based on 5 key principles :

To protect marine resources and ecosystems

We rely on internationally recognized and reliable eco-certifications to guarantee that we offer seafood products that do not endanger natural resources or the health of ecosystems. Sovintex has been the first importer in France to become MSC-certified in 2003, and again the first to be ASC-certified in 2012. Sovintex is also certified for Organic products.

Our certificates :

To have a positive impact on health

Seafood products are full of unique nutritional benefits, such as Omega-3 but not only: oligo-elements, minerals and vitamins are part of a healthy seafood product. Each specie has its unique combination of all these, and we advise our customers to vary their choices. It also allows to relieve the pressure on one particular specie. Last but not least Sovintex implements a systematic control plan on its products to ensure that its products safe.

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Although criticised importing has a pretty good carbon footprint. Sovintex evaluated its Carbon footprint in 2010 and identified the carbon content of its main products, from the fishing or farming to our customers. More than 60% of CO2eq emissions are located upstream, i.e. in the fishing vessels or the farms. Because we import our products frozen in huge container vessels, long-distance transportation has a minimal impact. We believe that the “food miles” concept is usually wrong and certainly not a relevant.

To reduce waste: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

Have you ever heard of the 7th continent? It is a “continent” in the Pacific Ocean made of plastic that we as humans throw away. It kills birds and marine life and pollutes our oceans.
We favour recycled materials and eco-packaging solutions try our best to reduce the waste generated by our activity.

To promote these principles to our partners

We believe in our pivotal role between many producers and customers in many different countries. We try to promote these principles to our producers and partners in France and overseas. We develop and offer new environmental solutions to our French and European customers.